We are glad to introduce you our shipping information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at sales@getaccompany.com.We will do our very best to get back to you. We hope we can solve you any problems.


Shipping costs and condition

1.To the US, France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Australia and Canada 

Shipping time Condition Price
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 0kg–0.5kg 19.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 0.501kg–1kg 25.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 1.001kg–1.5kg 29.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 1.501kg–2kg 32.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 2.001kg–2.5kg 36.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 2.501kg–3kg 39.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 3.001kg–3.5kg 45.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 3.501kg–4kg 49.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 4.001kg–4.5kg 55.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 4.501kg–5kg 59.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) $25.00 and up Free
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0kg–0.05kg 3.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.051kg–0.2kg 5.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.201kg–0.3kg 6.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.301kg–0.45kg 9.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.451kg–0.7kg 12.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.701kg–0.9kg 14.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.901kg–1kg 15.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 1.001kg–1.5kg 19.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 1.501kg–2kg 25.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 2.001kg–2.5kg 29.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 2.501kg–3kg 35.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 3.001kg–3.5kg 39.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 3.501kg–4kg 45.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 4.001kg–4.5kg 49.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 4.501kg–5kg 55.99


2.Rest of the world

Shipping time Condition Price
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 0kg–0.5kg 25.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 0.501kg–1kg 29.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 1.001kg–1.5kg 35.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 1.501kg–2kg 39.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 2.001kg–2.5kg 45.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 2.501kg–3kg 49.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 3.001kg–3.5kg 55.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 3.501kg–4kg 59.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 4.001kg–4.5kg 65.99
Expedited Shipping ( Receiving 2-6 Business Days) 4.501kg–5kg 69.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) $25.00 and up Free
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0kg–0.05kg 5.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.051kg–0.2kg 7.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.201kg–0.3kg 9.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.301kg–0.45kg 12.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.451kg–0.7kg 15.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.701kg–0.9kg 17.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 0.901kg–1kg 19.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 1.001kg–1.5kg 25.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 1.501kg–2kg 29.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 2.001kg–2.5kg 35.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 2.501kg–3kg 39.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 3.001kg–3.5kg 45.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 3.501kg–4kg 49.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 4.001kg–4.5kg 55.99
Standard Shipping (Shipping Time 15-20 Business Days) 4.501kg–5kg 59.99


  *Please note that we will not charge you any customs duties


Shipping methods:


When could my order arrive?

Generally, you can expect to receive your order within 15-25 days from the day you place your order. It depends on the mode of transport you choose when you check out. If you're still not sure, just email us. We're happy to help.

How do I track my order?

Once your package ships, we will send an email with a link to track your order. You can also track your order with the tracking number at here:http://www.17track.net/


The tracking information hasn't been updated. Is the order stuck?

A number of shipping partners update tracking information when a package is received at each stage of the delivery path.

Generally, the package is still on the way, just waiting to be scanned at the next sorting facility.


If you haven't received the goods, what will you do?

If the goods you ordered have not arrived within a reasonable period, the first thing you should do is contact us and let us know that there has been a problem. We will check that we shipped it to the correct address, and we will  follow-up with the delivery company.

Contact us at  sales@getaccompany.com

1) Shipping Time does not include a 1-3 business day processing period required to process your order from the date your order is placed.

2) We will make every effort to deliver your package ASAP. However, additional time may be required due to invalid addresses and custom clearance issues.

3) If there is any shipping issue with your package, you must contact Customer Support within 30 days after your order was placed.

4)The shipping time can be a bit longer than expected caused by unexpected disasters, pandemic, strike and more.