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Free Plush Toy for every $49+*Automatic discount (Add the ONE you wanted to the cart.)
Free Plush Toy for every $49+*Automatic discount (Add the ONE you wanted to the cart.)

About Us

Who We Are
Loneliness and Anxiety have been serious problems that bother most people of modern society. Gettaccompany believes that plush stuffed toys have souls and everyone needs a cuddle buddy, whether you are a man under great pressure of a job or a boy going to a new and unfamiliar place. You need your loved plush toy to accompany you to release your loneliness and anxiety. Our plush products are well-selected and designed under professional psychologist to help you relax and happy.

What We Want
We want kids cuddling with our toys won't be afraid of going to hospital or new school any longer.
We want couples or single commuters can release their moods or pressure on our toys.
We want you give toys to your loved pets to accompany them and make them happier, healthier and smarter.
We want every family to be happy and cheerful when the members get together playing with our toys.

What We Have
We have a varied types of plush toys for sale both wholesale and retail. For more information about wholesales, you may contact our customer service at:

[Each plush toy is a little candy that soothes your soft and lonely heart and you deserve to have one.]