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About Us

Getaccompany is always with you when you feel lonely! Cozy toy in the daytime and night company at the bedside! 

We believe that stuffed toys are more than just the toys.They have souls.

Looking at them, there are so much love in their eyes. They will tolerate your everything. They will enjoy the happiness and share the sorrow together. They know you as much as you know yourself. They teach us face the life and job with the shiny optimistic attitude and accompany us to grow up. Every stuffed toy has its own significance. As far as children are concerned,they are buddies which can communicate and contact with.

The world may be horrible. But no matter how far children go or when they encounter a strange new world, they may carry their favorite stuffed toys with them, which are symbols of safety and familiarity. Under new circumstances, the stuffed friends may help children pull through and feel not that vulnerable.

"Ocean has fishes, land has flowers and grass, sky has stars, and you have us"

Stuffed toys show deep love. The warm and cute buddies can reduce your restlessness, stress and worry in the grown-up world and cheer you up to devote to work and live with abundant energy anew!

Made from the most quality and safest materials, Getaccompany toys feel soft and look distinctive in your company! 

In unique design, our products are made from safe and solid skin-friendly materials. They get your back with a soft body. We will unveil holiday-oriented limited editions and series on a regular basis to spend every memorable and happy moment with you!