You Could Never Imagine How Important a Plush Toy to Your Kids

You Could Never Imagine How Important a Plush Toy to Your Kids

Each child has a loved plush toy. The child takes it with him every where he goes. He cries out if his parents won’t let him bring it with him. Sometimes, parents may wonder why kids can not be parted from their plush toys.

Don’t look down upon this little common plush toy. It is one of the most important existences during kids’ growing process.

It is said that children among age of 2 to 6 believe everything in this world has a life and awareness. They would regard their plush toys as their best friends who could also laugh and cry, feeling pain and hungry. They love talking to these plush toys, sharing their feelings to them. Plush toys can not only give children great sense of safety but also be a reliable emotional dependence. So please understand and respect the kids’ emotional needs and the important position of plush toys in their hearts when they do not wish to let go of their toys, crying.

There are three advantages that parents can make use of plush toys for:

No.1 To Train Kids’ Social Ability

It takes a long period for kids to develop their social ability. They need to realize their own existing, other people’s existing, the environment, and learn how to interact with them by simulation. By playing a intermediary role, parents could use plush toys to cultivate children’s social ability by simulating different scenes.

No.2 To Help Kids Develop Their Linguistic Ability

Plush toys are so attractive to kids that when parents are telling stories to them with a plush toy or hand puppet, they are able to absorb more vocabularies than without a toy.

When kids grow older, they can also be encouraged to tell stories to their plush toys with emotions and better expressions.

No. 3 To Cultivate Kids Imagination

After two years old, kids’ imagination grows rapidly. They may give a name to their dolls, set a scene or make up stories. Parents can play together with their kids by using plush toys, exploring more possibilities and encouraging them to have more stories.

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