Origin of Modern Plush Toys

It is said the earliest stuffed toy was designed and produced 120 years ago by a German company. The founder of the company was Margarete Steiff who had suffered from polio and hemiplegia when she was at age of one and half. She had to spend the most of her life in a wheelchair. However, such a cruel fate couldn't defeat her.
In 1879, she created her Velvet Tailor's Shop. One day in December 1879, she happened to see a toy elephant in the magazine of Modeweit, which inspired her to make some plush toys as gifts to her friends. Her small toys became very popular. In 1883, she gradually developed a series of plush toys.

The upsurge of plush toys,swept the world by the famous "Teddy Bear" afterwards.

That was the story of birth about plush toys which have magic power to pacify every one's heart.

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