Four Best Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys by Moriah Elizabeth

The cold winter is coming quietly.

Here come our four new friends, super cute plush toys, which have bright colors like the warm sun in winter, to bring you kindness, love, and warmth. They are very healing and comforting when you go through tough time.

Pineapple Duck:

Pineapple Duck was inspired by Georgie Duck. The Pineapple Duck also felt the winter wind, has put on a pineapple suit for himself. It is beckoning to us to make an appointment to go home together, and the big aggrieved eyes hit our heart. The lightweight but not losing texture of the Pineapple Duck is already here for us, come and take it home.


Pickle Dinosaur 'Pickle Treat' Halloween Version:

A scary dinosaur was dug up and brought back to life with no skin or muscles. Don't be scared, It has a soft touch and its appearance is very pleasing. Such a Pickle Dinosaur can not only bring us a sense of security, but also add fun to our lives.


Pickle Dinosaur:

The original fierce T-Rex has turned into a cute look and a green suit adds vitality to the winter. Look into its small innocent eyes, sitting on the ground with arms and legsĀ outstretched in anĀ attemptĀ to inspire your love and beg for a hug.


Pickle DinosaurĀ Pendant:


Want to take it when you go out to play? In order not to become a burden for you, the mini version of Pickle dinosaur T-Rex is already here for you, and the two versions of dinosaurs each perform their duties, accompanying you to have fun this winter.